This purse took months. I stitched everything by hand.


Three colors of Italian lambskin are stitched together with matching brown beads. Distressed brown leather is on the front and the underlying silver color glows through. The back is bronze leather and sides are reddish orange. It measures 7.5 inches wide, 3 inches wide and 6 inches tall. The inside front and back are lined with imitation suede. A magnetic closure makes it easy to open and close.


The non-detachable handle measures 22 inches. Since it is hand beaded, please be gentle with it.



Quadrilateral Purse

  • You’ve purchased a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted piece. Variations and inconsistencies are to be expected. Be sure to take extra care to when you handle and wear to ensure longevity.

    • Keep it dry and clean: Moisture can damage the thread and makes metals tarnish. All materials do not react well to water, lotions and beauty products. Spray perfume before you put your jewelry on. Remove it before doing dishes, taking showers or swimming.

    • Be gentle and thoughtful: Each bead has been carefully added and secured by hand. If tangled, never pull or jerk your pieces. Be careful not to drop, scratch or toss onto hard surfaces. Remove before changing clothes or going to bed.

    • Store in a dark, enclosed space: Stow in a bag or box away from direct sunlight and separate from other jewelry.

    • Keep out of reach: Children or pets may be drawn to the shiny, colorful beads on your piece. Keep their curiosity at bay by storing in a
    safe place.

    I hope you love your jewelry as much as I’ve enjoyed crafting it just for you.

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